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Yet to Dine at Lavagna, Capitol Yards? Be Sure to Leave Room for Dessert!


Lavagna isn't just the name of a popular restaurant near Capitol Yards DC; it's also a quaint, traditional fishing port in Genoa, Italy. Consequently, when you visit Lavagna, you're likely to find the same kind of fresh, simple, local foods that are served in its namesake town.

Consider starting your meal with a couple of appetizers for the table to share: crostini topped with tangy lemon ricotta and sweet caramelized shallots, perhaps, or maybe a pot of mussels steamed in spicy marinara sauce. Regulars suggest that for your main course, you choose one of the chef's specialties. The roasted duck breast is maple-glazed and served atop a bed of mascarpone polenta and carrot puree, while the creamy, smooth risotto is flavored with house-made bacon, peppery arugula, and earthy mushrooms. Whatever you order, be sure you leave room for dessert, which regulars say is a highlight of any meal at Lavagna.

539 Eighth St SE
Washington, DC 20023
(202) 546-5006 20003

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