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Celebrate Native American Culture at the National Museum of the American Indian


Even the exterior of the National Museum of the American Indian is a history lesson in Native American life. Native American architects worked together to design the building. Their goal was to evoke the rock formations that their ancestors lived among, naturally worn to smooth curves by the elements. The stone building does just that, a monument to the natural beauty that surrounded Native Americans that's tucked between other historic sites on the National Mall.

Admission to the museum is free every day, so come check out what it has to offer beyond the stunning exterior. When you head inside, you'll find a collection that encompasses artifacts from more than 1,200 Native cultures and spans more than 12,000 years. From maps and ceremonial items used by Native people thousands of years ago to contemporary inventions spawned by Native tribes, there's a lot to explore at the National Museum of the American Indian.

Public Domain/Pixabay/orlapix
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