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Grab a Breakfast Sandwich at Bethesda Bagels


The M Street Southeast outpost of Bethesda Bagels serves handmade artisanal bagels that make just about everything on the menu even more delicious.

Over 20 different bagel varieties are available here, and they span the full spectrum of flavors. Subtle classics like egg and pumpernickel stand alongside inventive new flavors like cinnamon chip and asiago cheese. They even offer ‘flagels,’ which are flat bagels that consist of mostly crusty goodness. There’s an impressive spread of, well, spreads to be found here, too, including raisin walnut cream cheese and lox spread. Speaking of lox, there are a number of delicious fish options to accompany your bagel, from whitefish salad to chopped herring. Be sure to check out the overstuffed sandwiches, especially the BLT, which has won rave reviews from visitors. There’s something enticing for everyone here!

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